Wands will be a augmented reality game that combines a thematic display and interactable. Users are given minimal direction, and the experience will be set up in a manner to allow for steady discovery. Using two Raspberry Pi's connected via a laptop hosted server, as the users make wand movements they'll create spell like effects to be displayed on both user's display. The goal is to foster an environment that naturally encourages users to test its limits, if that is possible.

wanted to play around with a user discovering features gradually as well as try my hand at "augmented/mixed reality". Wands started with when I first was looking into the Kinect as a means to track movement. And the developed into the current idea of more or less wizardly laser tag.

wand features an accelerometer to track its movements, which will then be compared to a series of movements

hat, the biggest hurdle as of present, is meant to use the old theatrical trick of Pepper's Ghost to create a ethereal Augmented Reality display while also naturally focusing the user's movements. The pop-culture after image of Harry Potter and Gandalf is still present, which hopeful will channel users toward waving the wand with abandon to create the spell effects. Also the large floppy nature of the hat will naturally narrow the users view to the screen.


Current Version: 1st Prototype

Currently I'm working on the first physical prototype of the project, specifically the wand with the hat being the next step. I've set up a server and learned how to interact with both the Pi's and the server via the Raspberry Pi's GPIO. There are certainly concerns regarding the ergonomics of the hat; how much will it weigh, will the Pepper's Ghost turn out as well as planned.



In my spare time I run a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) campaign and part of running a D&D is providing information. In an attempt to streamline gameplay while balancing the amount of information I hand out, as give too much and the players get bored, too little and they don't know where to go or what to do. Falling back on Epic fantasy game lore sections I'm planning on organizing as much of information as possible that my players know. I've seen other services for this online, however this gives me both an outlet to develop my skills as well as increase the flexibility.


Currently I have a very bare bones layout planned out and am looking into the interactive components of Javascript. As much as the main purpose is to provide information, interaction is the heart of the hobby and will be the core of the experience.



Lexicon spawned from a curiosity of how language and the use of language defines us as individuals. I wanted to create a piece of software that would allow for the visualization of a person based on their public social media postings. I was curious to see what would develop from such a measurement of ones' digital footprint.


I began to put together the filtering code as well as used a Twitter scanning module to start scouring data. The project hit a wall once I realized a large part of it, being able to search and distill information using individual user names was not possible unless I paid for Premium Developer access. It was definitely a lesson in looking before I leaped, as I had only checked to see if the features existed, not whether they were behind the paywall.

My current plans are to revive the project in the spring to instead scan various pieces of literature and maybe try and develop a bot that can achieve the original vision of the project.